New dates added for March and April.

Blimey, that was quick!

I didn’t even have time to mention that the menu isn’t complete or that unlike a lot of supper clubs we will be having individual tables, rather than one long table, but I am almost fully booked.

At the time of writing this, I only have one table of 5 (or 6 if you are good friends) and one table of 4. If you want one of these tables then please let me know asap. (Edit: Sorry all gone now).

So, I have added some extra dates. Stick them in your diary, or better still, get in touch and book a table. I don’t know what the menu is going to be yet, let’s just get through the first night. However, I can guarantee that it will be bloomin’ tasty, that there will be plenty of seasonal fresh food to eat and that you’ll have a lovely time.

The next At Home by Tom Tom nights are Saturday 23rd March then Friday 26th April. After that it will be the last Friday of every month. Please email me (, get in touch on on Twitter, or like the Facebook page.

And finally, a big thank you to everyone who has been in touch this morning. It seems you all really want a Supper Club in Camberwell!


At Home By Tom Tom, at House.

On Friday 1st March, 2013, the very first night of a new monthly Supper Club will be taking place at the House Gallery on Camberwell Church St.

Bookings are now being taken. Please email or send me a tweet to @homebytomtom.

House only has limited cooking facilities so the menu reflects this. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do great things. Most of the food will be done in one pot and will be honest, seasonal food with none of the flouncing that Mr. Blumental is famous for. (Sorry no nitrogen cooled chicken and chocolate ice cream here).

With that in mind, and the fact that this is the opening (trial) night the 6 course meal will cost £20 per person. You can either bring your own wine for a small corkage charge, or you can get some great wines and beers from House.

Menu for Friday 1st March, 2013.

Manzanilla Dry Sherry with big fat juicy olives

Kent Fennel and Garlic Salami on sourdough toast / Butterbean hummus with cumin on soughdough toast.

Winter coleslaw wrapped in rare roast beef / Winter coleslaw and purple sprouting broccoli tart

Clams with wilted spinach cooked in cider / Cauliflower salad with lemon dressing

Slow cooked pigs cheeks in red wine with mash / Not sure yet!

Soft Goat’s cheese and unpasteurised Stichelton cheese from Cannon & Cannon.

Kladdkaka (A very, very yummy Swedish chocolate cake) with snozberries (yes, you read it right) and cream.

Please let me know if you want the vegetarian or meaty options. If you have any allergies, etc. then do get in touch. Some of the food may have nuts!

Please email or send me a tweet to @homebytomtom.