Two recipes: Butterbean Hummous and Asparagus, Parmesan and Ricotta Tart.

Tom LeightonOn Saturday the sun was out, Camberwell Green was full of the smell of food, someone was doing a roaring trade in cider, and I did a food demonstration for the Camberwell Food Festival. If you want to know how to make butterbean hummous, or a delicious asparagus, ricotta and Parmesan tarts, here’s the recipes.
Butterbean Hummous / Asparagus, Parmesan and Ricotta Tart Recipes


The Brunch Club 16th June 2013

Tom LeightonThere’s no supper club in May as I have too many photo shoots on and I’ll also be busy with a big exhibition for the Camberwell Arts Festival. However, Never fear! As part of the Arts Festival, I’ll doing a mash up of what I do best, food and photos. Well, actually, you’ll be doing the photos, and I’ll be dishing out bloody marys to the best photos. Just upload you efforts on the day to my Twitter- @homebytomtom, or I’ll also be giving a bit of advice on how to the best out of your camera, be it a mobile phone or a big puppy!

About the half the tickets are already sold so chop chop if you want tickets. Go to the booking site here: At Home By Tom Tom booking

Tom Leighton Photography

Stop Horsing around: At Home on the 26th April 2013

Tom LeightonThis month’s menu is has quite a few personal favourites on it. There’s also the hint of warmer weather coming, with Asparagus, wild garlic and watercress on the menu.

What with all this talk of horse burgers, I thought it was about time we tried out the stuff knowingly. The lovely chaps at W. Bunting on Peckham Park Road have managed to find me some of your best quality horse, that’s totally kosher (I’m not sure that’s the right word, but you know what I mean) and we’ll be giving it a try on the 26th. I promise you there’ll be no horse related puns (no Marscapone cheese and the like). I think that if you are going to try what is supposed to be a rather tasty meat we should do it with something simple. So we going to have it with some lovely seasonal watercress and sesame seeds. If you are particularly squeamish, please let me know and I’ll give you the vegetarian option.

Also on the menu, I hope is the first British asparagus of the season. It’s going to be close. The season officially opens on St. George’s day but the weather has not been kind to us this year. So, if asparagus are off we are having another festive recipe: St George and Morel mushrooms and chive pate on sourdough toast. I do love asparagus roasted or grilled. They keep their crunch and it brings out the flavour.

As always, Cannon & Cannon will be dishing out the best cheeses Britain has to offer, and the pudding is a glorious recipe by the delectable Jane Hornby with the added bonus of my homemade marmalade. The only difference is I add dark rum instead of whisky.

Sadly for all of you reading this who haven’t booked, I’m afraid that we are fully booked now. The next event is a Sunday Brunch on 16th June as part of the Camberwell Arts Festival. You can book online here. I’ll be providing more information soon but bloody marys will be involved.

Supper, 26th April 2013. 7.00pm.

Campari and Soda / olives and altramuces (lupin beans).

Roasted British asparagus with olive oil and butter. (Or St. George and Morel mushrooms pate with chives).

Bacalhau à Brás. Portuguese scrambled eggs with Salt Cod and potatoes.

Wild garlic risotto.

Rare roast horse and watercress salad, with a sesame seed dressing / Blue cheese salad with watercress and sesame seed dressing.

A fine selection of British Cheeses from Cannon & Cannon.

Bread and butter pudding with homemade Seville orange marmalade and dark rum.