Any Excuse for a mint julep.

Tom LeightonAs I write this it’s blazingly hot in Camberwell so this month’s menu is suitably summery. And since it’s summer at last, any excuse will do for a mint julep one of my favourite cocktails. (Actually, that’s not quite true. I love anything with bourbon in it).

There are a few changes in how we will present the food, but none to the quality, I hope. Because of licensing rules, we absolutely have to be out of House by 11pm. To make this a bit easier, I’ll be serving each course in big dishes for each table from now on and you can serve yourselves. It’s a bit quicker, and more sociable! There will also be one less course, but slightly bigger portions all round, and a cocktail to start. Hopefully everyone’s a winner!

Tom Leighton Photography

Granola Florentines by Tom Tom

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MENU for At Home By Tom Tom @ House.

Friday 26th July, 7pm.

Mint julep cocktail, with home grown mint, and the finest bourbon.


Broad bean mint and feta salad. Mint, still home grown. Feta, locally bought of course!


Lohikeitto- Finnish Salmon Soup (A stunningly tasty summer soup I ate by the bucket-load when I was Woofing by a lake in Finland!). Served with rye bread of course!


Cheeses of various sorts from Cannon and Cannon.


Raspberry / rhubarb syllabub with home made shortbread.

Granola Florentines. I first made these when I got the recipe for granola wrong, but these are so very right! Have one with coffee.