…And we’re back! With a new roost at Pigeon Hole. Come and eat yummy goodnes on Saturday 8th November

Tom LeightonI know, I know it’s been a while, and I’ve been a little busy with photography work for the last year. Never fear though, we’re back, and in a new location. If you haven’t been to Pigeon Hole yet, you are in for a treat. Holly and George have set up a wonderful, homely cafe on Datchelor Place, and I can’t wait work with them as a guest chef.

We’re also moving to Saturday nights. So come down for some yummy, seasonal goodness on Saturday 8th November from 7pm-10pm.

As before, the focus is on seasonal, simple dishes, served without fuss but there are a few changes.

It’s going to be less formal and there won’t be a start time so turn up any time from 7pm. I won’t be serving 7 courses, but there will be several dishes and you can pick and chose from. Holly and George will be serving drinks from the bar, and even better, they’ve got a proper record player, so I don’t have to lug mine over from my place!

If you want to book a table, please drop me a line at tom@tomleighton.co.uk or pop in to Pigeon Hole.


Saturday 8th November, 2014.


Leek, roasted tomatoes and stilton tartlets with celariac remoulade £5.95

breakerChicken, chorizo and butterbean stew. Served with rye bread. £9.95

Pumpkin, sage and butterbean stew. £9.95

Both served with rye bread and truffle oil toasted breadcrumbs

breakerStewed apples stuffed with nuts, apricots, cinnamon and cloves. Served with orange infused crème fraîche £4.95


To book a table, please drop me a line at tom@tomleighton.co.uk, call me or on 07939 250935 or pop in to Pigeon Hole.