Any Excuse for a mint julep.

Tom LeightonAs I write this it’s blazingly hot in Camberwell so this month’s menu is suitably summery. And since it’s summer at last, any excuse will do for a mint julep one of my favourite cocktails. (Actually, that’s not quite true. I love anything with bourbon in it).

There are a few changes in how we will present the food, but none to the quality, I hope. Because of licensing rules, we absolutely have to be out of House by 11pm. To make this a bit easier, I’ll be serving each course in big dishes for each table from now on and you can serve yourselves. It’s a bit quicker, and more sociable! There will also be one less course, but slightly bigger portions all round, and a cocktail to start. Hopefully everyone’s a winner!

Tom Leighton Photography

Granola Florentines by Tom Tom

So, get ye booking for the Friday 26th July. BOOK HERE

MENU for At Home By Tom Tom @ House.

Friday 26th July, 7pm.

Mint julep cocktail, with home grown mint, and the finest bourbon.


Broad bean mint and feta salad. Mint, still home grown. Feta, locally bought of course!


Lohikeitto- Finnish Salmon Soup (A stunningly tasty summer soup I ate by the bucket-load when I was Woofing by a lake in Finland!). Served with rye bread of course!


Cheeses of various sorts from Cannon and Cannon.


Raspberry / rhubarb syllabub with home made shortbread.

Granola Florentines. I first made these when I got the recipe for granola wrong, but these are so very right! Have one with coffee.

Two recipes: Butterbean Hummous and Asparagus, Parmesan and Ricotta Tart.

Tom LeightonOn Saturday the sun was out, Camberwell Green was full of the smell of food, someone was doing a roaring trade in cider, and I did a food demonstration for the Camberwell Food Festival. If you want to know how to make butterbean hummous, or a delicious asparagus, ricotta and Parmesan tarts, here’s the recipes.
Butterbean Hummous / Asparagus, Parmesan and Ricotta Tart Recipes

The Brunch Club 16th June 2013

Tom LeightonThere’s no supper club in May as I have too many photo shoots on and I’ll also be busy with a big exhibition for the Camberwell Arts Festival. However, Never fear! As part of the Arts Festival, I’ll doing a mash up of what I do best, food and photos. Well, actually, you’ll be doing the photos, and I’ll be dishing out bloody marys to the best photos. Just upload you efforts on the day to my Twitter- @homebytomtom, or I’ll also be giving a bit of advice on how to the best out of your camera, be it a mobile phone or a big puppy!

About the half the tickets are already sold so chop chop if you want tickets. Go to the booking site here: At Home By Tom Tom booking

Tom Leighton Photography

Stop Horsing around: At Home on the 26th April 2013

Tom LeightonThis month’s menu is has quite a few personal favourites on it. There’s also the hint of warmer weather coming, with Asparagus, wild garlic and watercress on the menu.

What with all this talk of horse burgers, I thought it was about time we tried out the stuff knowingly. The lovely chaps at W. Bunting on Peckham Park Road have managed to find me some of your best quality horse, that’s totally kosher (I’m not sure that’s the right word, but you know what I mean) and we’ll be giving it a try on the 26th. I promise you there’ll be no horse related puns (no Marscapone cheese and the like). I think that if you are going to try what is supposed to be a rather tasty meat we should do it with something simple. So we going to have it with some lovely seasonal watercress and sesame seeds. If you are particularly squeamish, please let me know and I’ll give you the vegetarian option.

Also on the menu, I hope is the first British asparagus of the season. It’s going to be close. The season officially opens on St. George’s day but the weather has not been kind to us this year. So, if asparagus are off we are having another festive recipe: St George and Morel mushrooms and chive pate on sourdough toast. I do love asparagus roasted or grilled. They keep their crunch and it brings out the flavour.

As always, Cannon & Cannon will be dishing out the best cheeses Britain has to offer, and the pudding is a glorious recipe by the delectable Jane Hornby with the added bonus of my homemade marmalade. The only difference is I add dark rum instead of whisky.

Sadly for all of you reading this who haven’t booked, I’m afraid that we are fully booked now. The next event is a Sunday Brunch on 16th June as part of the Camberwell Arts Festival. You can book online here. I’ll be providing more information soon but bloody marys will be involved.

Supper, 26th April 2013. 7.00pm.

Campari and Soda / olives and altramuces (lupin beans).

Roasted British asparagus with olive oil and butter. (Or St. George and Morel mushrooms pate with chives).

Bacalhau à Brás. Portuguese scrambled eggs with Salt Cod and potatoes.

Wild garlic risotto.

Rare roast horse and watercress salad, with a sesame seed dressing / Blue cheese salad with watercress and sesame seed dressing.

A fine selection of British Cheeses from Cannon & Cannon.

Bread and butter pudding with homemade Seville orange marmalade and dark rum.

Menu: Saturday 23rd March 2013.

Tom LeightonI have now finalised the menu for the next supper club. I still have one table left.  Please get in touch if you are interested or you can also book online.

If you haven’t seen it, there’s some lovely feedback from the first night.

Menu for Saturday 23rd March 2013.

Sweet vermouth and soda. Olives and Altramuces.

Braised Leeks with homemade hollondaise and tarragon sauce

Cuttlefish  / Cauliflower saffron infused tempura, with watercress salad.

Potted shrimps on sourdough toast / Tuscan bean bruchetta.

Baked Mackerel and potatoes with salsa verde / Creamy mushroom and spinach pie.

Some great British Cheeses from Cannon & Cannon with homemade beetroot and mint chutney.

Coconut rice pudding.

Cost £30 per person. Book here.

Feedback and general patting myself on the backness!

Life is better after supper At Home by Tom Tom.

Life is better after supper At Home by Tom Tom.

The first night was a great success and thank you to everyone who came along. I got some great comments and feedback from the people who came and 4 out the 8 tables have rebooked so I think I must have done something right.

Here are some of the comments:

“Fab supper club last night by @HomeByTomTom Lovely food & great atmosphere @70HouseGallery Thanks Tom &  House. We’ve booked again for April!” @leighannewalker

“Food @HomeByTomTom is amazing #Camberwellrocks” @D4SC

“Super dooper delicious scran @homebytomtom, vinyl records & byo. Best company w AC, @JMGstudio @MrsPBTT  @WhatToCookTips (A.K.A. Jane Hornby)

“@HomeByTomTom loving the ambience and your staff are really nice.” @priyascape

My favourite comment has to be this one though:

“That was lovely. I was in a rotten Friday mood upon arrival, but after 6 delicous courses, I am feeling more optomistic about life in general. And I’m quite pleasantly full. Thanks!”

That made my evening. Thank you to whoever wrote that.

Menu for Friday 1st March finally finalised and online booking is go!

1st March Menu

Good evening one and all. A few announcements.

Firstly, you can now book and pay for tickets for future events in advance.  Just click on the link at the top of the page.

Secondly, I had to make a few adjustments to the menu. There were some problems with the original cheese I wanted to have  and it’s in short supply at the moment. However, Ana from Cannon & Cannon in Brixton Market came up with a great selection of cheeses I think you will love.

Another change was to only have one option for the 3rd course. The beef would have been too much, as well as having the pig’s cheeks.

I hope everyone who is coming enjoys it.

Just a few things to point out. House will be providing wine and beer on the night along with soft drinks, all at reasonable prices. However, you can also bring your own alcohol. You will need to pay a £3.50 corkage charge per bottle though.

Also cash is king in Camberwell so don’t go bringing your credit cards. They won’t be much use here!

So, we’re all set at TomTom Towers.

Roll on Friday!

New dates added for March and April.

Blimey, that was quick!

I didn’t even have time to mention that the menu isn’t complete or that unlike a lot of supper clubs we will be having individual tables, rather than one long table, but I am almost fully booked.

At the time of writing this, I only have one table of 5 (or 6 if you are good friends) and one table of 4. If you want one of these tables then please let me know asap. (Edit: Sorry all gone now).

So, I have added some extra dates. Stick them in your diary, or better still, get in touch and book a table. I don’t know what the menu is going to be yet, let’s just get through the first night. However, I can guarantee that it will be bloomin’ tasty, that there will be plenty of seasonal fresh food to eat and that you’ll have a lovely time.

The next At Home by Tom Tom nights are Saturday 23rd March then Friday 26th April. After that it will be the last Friday of every month. Please email me (, get in touch on on Twitter, or like the Facebook page.

And finally, a big thank you to everyone who has been in touch this morning. It seems you all really want a Supper Club in Camberwell!

At Home By Tom Tom, at House.

On Friday 1st March, 2013, the very first night of a new monthly Supper Club will be taking place at the House Gallery on Camberwell Church St.

Bookings are now being taken. Please email or send me a tweet to @homebytomtom.

House only has limited cooking facilities so the menu reflects this. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do great things. Most of the food will be done in one pot and will be honest, seasonal food with none of the flouncing that Mr. Blumental is famous for. (Sorry no nitrogen cooled chicken and chocolate ice cream here).

With that in mind, and the fact that this is the opening (trial) night the 6 course meal will cost £20 per person. You can either bring your own wine for a small corkage charge, or you can get some great wines and beers from House.

Menu for Friday 1st March, 2013.

Manzanilla Dry Sherry with big fat juicy olives

Kent Fennel and Garlic Salami on sourdough toast / Butterbean hummus with cumin on soughdough toast.

Winter coleslaw wrapped in rare roast beef / Winter coleslaw and purple sprouting broccoli tart

Clams with wilted spinach cooked in cider / Cauliflower salad with lemon dressing

Slow cooked pigs cheeks in red wine with mash / Not sure yet!

Soft Goat’s cheese and unpasteurised Stichelton cheese from Cannon & Cannon.

Kladdkaka (A very, very yummy Swedish chocolate cake) with snozberries (yes, you read it right) and cream.

Please let me know if you want the vegetarian or meaty options. If you have any allergies, etc. then do get in touch. Some of the food may have nuts!

Please email or send me a tweet to @homebytomtom.